Private Berufsfachschule
für bildende Kunst/
Berufl. Ergänzungsschule - München

Schulkennzahl 1465


Registration and School Fees per semester:

Full Time 1836 Euros      (also payable in 6 partial payments of 306,- Euros
Part Time 918 Euros      (also payable in 6 partial payments of 153,- Euros)
Guest Students 90 Euros      6 hours weekly
Registration Fee 43 Euros      per semester

Benefits and Allowances:
  • MVV-Ausbildungstarif II (no age limit) and DB reduction
  • Tax Allowances and reduction for continuing education and advancement of Professional career
  • Tax Allowances for vacation and other work time
  • Study Health Insurance up to 25 years of age
  • Banks: Free Accounts upon request
  • Cell Phone: Reduction of Fees for Students upon request

Kann-Förderung (Part Time Stipend) of Art Kontakt München e.V. (School Administrator) upon request.