Private Berufsfachschule
für bildende Kunst/
Berufl. Ergänzungsschule - München

Schulkennzahl 1465


The Professional and Continued Education School for the Fine Arts was established by Artist and Graphic Designer H. F. Schweitzer. The School received it`s accreditation in 1992 by the State of Bavaria for Full time and Part Time studies in Fine Arts/Grapic Design.

The Professional School for Fine Arts is qualified for various accomplishment levels.

School Graduates with various studies who want to follow a profession in the arts. We are offering artistic education for all ages who are interested in Fine Arts
The Professional School for Fine Arts will be able to provide the Graduate with a Diploma in independent artistic work as an "Independent Artist"

The education in "Artist/Graphic Design" consists of basic schooling and trainging, preparation for a professional career, work experience and enhancement, and a creative professional career path.

H.F. Schweitzer      Foto: Abendzeitung München,1998