Private Berufsfachschule
für bildende Kunst/
Berufl. Ergänzungsschule - München
Schulkennzahl 1465

Course Structure


Length of School Year: August 1. – July 31. The year is divided into semesters. The classes begin
the middle of September and beginning of March.

Class Structure:
24 hours weekly (Full time = 4 semesters)
12 hours weekly (Part time = 8 Part time semesters)

  6 hours weekly (Guest Students)

Enrollment is required for each semester. It is possible to change from Full time to Part time during a semester.

Completion of Course:
After completion of 4 semesters and examination of course work, students may
Receive a diploma in Fine Arts and/or Graphic Design.

The rest of the students will receive a certificate of the time completed, and the names
of the Teachers.